Aircraft Tugs

Skybus LLC/ Global GSE stocks a wide variety of aircraft tugs capable of pushing both narrow and wide body aircraft.

Aircraft tugs, baggage tractors, pushback tractors, whatever you want to call them come in a wide variety of sizes and models, some with a drawbar pull (DBP) and others towbar-less. Smaller capacity baggage tractor units are rated to move as little as 30,000 lbs and are typically tasked with simple repetitive tasks like moving baggage carts, ground power units, lav/ water servicing carts, or light aircraft into place. The larger capacity units are used as pushback tractors for aircraft such as a B747 and A340.

We have plenty of aircraft and baggage tugs in stock. These include Harlan, Tug, Clark, Toyota, NMC Wollard, Tiger, Entwistle, FMC, Grove, Stewart & Stevenson, United, and various other types. We have gasoline/ petrol, diesel, and propane powered aircraft tugs in stock. If you do not see what you need here, please contact us as we have new stock arriving weekly.

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