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  • Various, Aircraft Heaters


    Aircraft Heaters

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    We have several Aircraft heaters in stock, both gas and diesel powered up to 400,000 BTU. We often carry various makes including Cold-Buster, Air-A-Plane, Engineering Systems, and Herman Nelson.

  • Various, Aircraft Lavatory Trucks; 250 W/ 200 B


    Aircraft Lavatory Trucks; 250 W/ 200 B

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    We have several aircraft lav trucks for sale. Some of these units have completely new tanks and pumping systems fitted to late model trucks.

  • Various, Aircraft Towbars


    Aircraft Towbars

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    Global GSE has many aircraft towbars in stock including Techman-Head, Hydro GMBH, etc. Please call for current stock.

  • Various, Baggage Carts


    Baggage Carts

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    We have several used single sided baggage carts in stock. These can be painted to customer specification if required. We also have some baggage carts with scales fitted for weighing baggage. Please call for details.

  • Various, JLG and Snorkel Manlifts


    JLG and Snorkel Manlifts

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    We have JLG, Snorkel, Grove and other types of Manlifts in stock. Gas and electric powered up to 80 foot lift.Please call for further details.

  • Various, Military Ground Support Equipment


    Military Ground Support Equipment

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    We stock a wide variety of Military Ground Support Equipment.