Used Aircraft Ground Support Equipment - Aircraft Tugs, Pushbacks, Cargo Loaders, Belt Loaders, Aircraft Stairs and more.

Global GSE is a distributor of used and refurbished aircraft ground support equipment.

Global GSE is also apart of the International European Aviation and Skybus group of companies, which have over 28 years of experience in the aviation industry.

Over 1200 units of airport ground support equipment are in stock at our dedicated facility one mile from the Indianapolis, Indiana airport.

This includes large quantities of aircraft tugs, pushback tractors, baggage tractors, aircraft belt loaders, aircraft passenger stairs, aircraft cargo loaders, aircraft refueling trucks, aircraft deicer trucks, lav trucks, water service trucks, aircraft ground power units, aircraft start units, and baggage carts.

Shipments of aircraft ground support equipment arrive weekly, so please contact us for any GSE you may require.


  • Aircraft Air Stairs

    Incl. Nordco Gasoline Stair Truck; 102 to 210-Inch Service

    Aircraft stairs are very important not only for the passengers but the maintenance personnel. A good set of air stairs allows for a safe and easy entry and exit from the aircraft. Aircraft stairs may also be called airstairs, aircraft steps, passenger boarding stairs, crew stairs, maintenance stairs, or simply boarding stairs. In any case, the stairs provide a mobile means to traverse between aircraft doors and the ground and since aircraft come in all sizes a variety of height adjustable and towable aircraft stairs are available to meet your needs for both passenger and crew use. Some features found on our aircraft stairs include modesty panels, a battery powered LED lighting system, and non-marking soft rubber bumpers for aircraft protection.

  • Aircraft Belt Loaders

    Incl. AMSS Diesel Aircraft Belt Loader; 30- 192-inches

    Belt loaders are vehicles with conveyor belts for unloading and loading of baggage and cargo on aircraft. A front of the belt loader is positioned at the cargo door used for narrow-body aircraft and the bulk hold door on wide-body aircraft. Baggage stored without containers is known as bulk loading. Belt loaders can come in several different types, gas, electric, diesel, propane, and as a walk-behind. Global GSE belt loader prices start at $22,000. Lower price is for units that are running and serviceable but not totally refurbished. Units may or may not be painted.

  • Aircraft Catering Trucks

    Incl. Globe Isuzu RJ Catering/ Cabin Service Truck, 9.5-Foot Service Height

    Aircraft catering trucks or cabin service trucks are used to transfer goods and equipment into aircraft with ease at varying heights. Prices starting at $25,000.

  • Aircraft Deicers

    Incl. FMC Gasoline Aircraft Deicer Truck; Open Basket

    Aircraft deicers are used when removing compacted snow and ice with a shovel or blade just isn't possible. That's where deicing equipment comes in handy. They generally dispense a heated, pressurized deicing mixture upon an aircraft to help remove built-up ice and snow.

  • Aircraft Ground Power Units

    Incl. Tiernay Jet A, 10KW/ 28 Volt Aircraft Ground Power Unit

    Aircraft ground power units or GPUs provide DC and/or AC power to the aircraft while on the ground. These units are used to help start engines, perform maintenance, or provide general onboard power while the aircraft is serviced in the hangar or on the ramp. We have both 28-volt GPU's as well as 120-volt GPU's in stock, some with combined air start units.

  • Aircraft Heaters

    Incl. Trilectron Aircraft Heater

    Aircraft heaters are an efficient and portable solution for providing a clean and reliable blast of heat for aircraft, hangars, and ground support equipment.

  • Aircraft Refueler/ Defueler

    Incl. Tri-State Diesel Aircraft Refueler/ Defueler Pump Truck

    Aircraft refueler/ defuelers can be either a self-contained fuel truck or a fuel cart. Fuel trucks are self-contained, typically containing up to 10,000 US gallons of fuel and have their own pumps, filters, hoses, and other equipment. Fuel trucks typically deliver the fuel to the aircraft. A fuel cart generally hooks into a central pipeline network and provides fuel to the aircraft.

  • Aircraft Towbars

    Incl. Various Aircraft Towbars

    Towbars are used to connect the tug to the nose landing gear of the aircraft. The towbar must be long enough to place the tug far enough away to avoid hitting the aircraft and to provide sufficient leverage to facilitate turns. Heavier towbars, for large aircraft, are equipped with wheels. When not connected to an aircraft. The wheels are attached to a hydraulic jacking mechanism which can lift the towbar to the correct height to mate to both the airplane and the tug, and once this is accomplished the same mechanism is used in reverse to raise the towbar wheels from the ground during the pushback process. The towbar can be connected at the front or the rear of the tractor, depending on whether the aircraft will be pushed or pulled. The towbar has a shear pin which prevents the aircraft from being mishandled by the tug; when overstressed the shear pin will snap, disconnecting the bar from the nose gear to prevent damage to the aircraft and tug.

  • Aircraft Tugs/ Pushback Tugs

    Incl. Simmons-Rand Diesel Aircraft Pushback Tractor; 20,000-DBP

    Global GSE has a wide variety of used aircraft tugs/ pushback tugs for sale. We also have smaller baggage tractors that can be used for moving small aircraft. With over 150 aircraft tugs/ pushback tugs and baggage tugs for sale, we are sure to have the right tug to meet your needs. If you do not see what you need here, please contact us as we have new stock arriving weekly.

  • Airport Lighting Systems

    Incl. Terex-Amida Used Diesel 30' Light Tower

    We always have a variety of gas and diesel powered lighting systems in stock. Please call for details

  • Baggage Carts

    Incl. Par-Kan Baggage Cart; 5,000-lbs Capacity

    Baggage carts come in four different varieties; enclosed, knockdown, open, and as a flatbed. Depending on your unique situation one may work better than another. Prices starting at $2,000.

  • Baggage Tractors

    Incl. NMC-WOLLARD Diesel Aircraft Tug/ Baggage Tractor with Cab, 5,000 lbs DBP

    Baggage tractors come in a wide variety of sizes and models, typically ranging from 3,000 to 8,000 LBS drawbar pull (DBP). They are used to move bag carts, ground power units, lav, and water servicing carts. The larger capacity baggage tugs are also used as pushback tractors for commuter aircraft up to 90,000Lb in weight.

  • Lavatory Carts

    Incl. Par-Kan Lavatory Cart; 90-gallon waste, 30-gallon rinse; 12-volt electric pump

    Aircraft lavatory carts or lav carts come in various capacities from various manufacturers such as Wollard and Aero Specialities.

  • Lavatory Trucks

    Incl. ACE/ DEVTEC Diesel; Aircraft Lavatory Service Truck, 500-gal Waste/ 300-gal Blue

    Lavatory Service Trucks are a self-contained lavatory service solution. Units come with various tank sizes for waste and rinse.

  • Military Ground Support Equipment

    Incl. Simmons-Rand Diesel Aircraft Pushback Tractor; 20,000-DBP

  • Ready to Ship

    Incl. Grove Diesel Aircraft Tug, 27,000 lbs DBP

    The following aircraft ground support equipment is considered to be in ready to ship condition. If you have any questions please contact us and we'd be happy to answer any of your questions.

  • Warehouse/ Industrial Tugs and Material Carts

    Incl. Tug Electric Aircraft Tug/ Baggage Tractor; 4,500 lbs DBP

    Used warehouse/ industrial tugs are available in propane and electric, suited for industrial material handling in a warehouse/ industrial environment. Open cab and closed cab options available. Used material carts for transportation of a wide variety of items. Structurally strong and easily modifiable by the end user.

  • Water Service Carts

    Incl. Par-Kan Potable Water Cart; 75-gallon water tank; 12-volt electric pump