Aircraft Air Stairs

Aircraft stairs are very important not only for the passengers but the maintenance personnel. A good set of air stairs allows for a safe and easy entry and exit from the aircraft. Aircraft stairs may also be called airstairs, aircraft steps, passenger boarding stairs, crew stairs, maintenance stairs, or simply boarding stairs. In any case, the stairs provide a mobile means to traverse between aircraft doors and the ground and since aircraft come in all sizes a variety of height adjustable and towable aircraft stairs are available to meet your needs for both passenger and crew use. Some features found on our aircraft stairs include modesty panels, a battery powered LED lighting system, and non-marking soft rubber bumpers for aircraft protection.

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  • Aircraft Air Stairs, Diesel Aircraft Stair Truck; 90- 172 inches

    AMSS TLPH 310H

    Diesel Aircraft Stair Truck; 90- 172 inches

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    Used AMSS TLPH 310H Diesel Aircraft Stair Truck is highly maneuverable and has a height range of 90- 172 inches (2.3m – 4.4m), the 300 Series is suitable for aircraft up to and including B767 and A320. It is in good condition and has a fresh coat of paint.

  • Aircraft Air Stairs, Gasoline Stair Truck; 94 to 120-inches

    Bentz Aircraft Passenger Stair Platform

    Gasoline Stair Truck; 94 to 120-inches

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    Bentz Aircraft Passenger Stairs. Self-powered aircraft passenger steps which have been refurbished to zero time. New Kohler Command gas engine. New fuel tank and lines. New hydraulics and new hydraulic lines. Hydraulic rams refurbished with new seals. New wheels and tires.New lighting throughout. New Battery. Stair height range from 94 inches to 110 inches. Suitable for passenger handling on the following aircraft: MD80, DC-9, ERJ170-195, B707, B727, all B737, and CS100-300 airframes.