Libby A/M32A-60B

GPU/ Air Start Combo Unit

Used Libby A/M32A-60 Ground Power Unit/ Air Start Combo unit consists of a diesel turbine engine and an AC generator. The generator can provide continuous 120-volts AC power at 75KVA. The load limitation is 60 KW AC. The air start is capable of 120 psi at 59-degrees Farenheight.

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  • Transmission: Automatic


  • Length: 118-inches
  • Width: 68-inches
  • Height: 67-inches
  • Weight: 2,800-lbs

Ground Clearance

  • At differential: 6-inches
  • 8-inches
  • Angle of Approach: 50-degrees
  • Angle of Departure: 75-degrees
  • Turning Radius: 127-inches


  • Towing: 20 mph (Max)

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